Image by Hajer Firas

I wake up in my new apartment, coffee starting, don't remember much.
I open the window and inhale the crisp, cool air: oh it's snowing.

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I run outside with my camera.

the white rain from the heavens falls faster and faster. As I glance up at the sky, snowflakes fall on my face, colorless confetti.

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the street looks like an unfinished painting, still white: snow rests upon the trees like a soft and warm blanket, footsteps crisscross around the labyrinth of paths.

I take a picture. Breath pale against the numbing air, the frost kissed me. under this pristine layer of crystalline water was an inspiring path that was saying to me go "and find the place where every single thing u see tells u to stay" let's explore this path, why not?

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the wind howles, piling up snow in drifts. I walk against the cold and I find a fairy-like and breathtaking place that transports you into a magical landscape full of wonder and mysteries.
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I lay down letting the snow protecting me, captivated by the soft. I start singing, I'm happy I found such a perfect. There's a nameless bird that sings with me. White is invading my eyelashes, I can't even open my eyes, but it's better like this.

I can feel a presence near me, I don't care... but when I hear the words: "hey Rose can't u remember about me?"
a tingle runs over my skin, now I open my eyes and an undesired remembrance invades my mind.

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Are u smiling? I'm not looking at that.. your chocolate eyes...

one day I wrote a long letter to the moon, all about you.
a sip of tears crawls down my throat.