Hello guys,
I would like to present my favorite YOGA workouts - this time focused on BREAST and back stability and firming.
These exercises are amazing for improving your posture. It will help you to look more confident and sexy! 🔥


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You can do two modifications - depending on you level. Lower warrior is more difficult to stable. Always pay attention to your front knee - it must stay on the same axe as your toe, never can go further.

Stay in this position from 30 sec to 1 minute. Then switch to your other side.
Modification: do a little circles with your hands (shoulders stay stable). Strain your butt and lower stomach muscles.


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Both legs stay tighten! You do not have to have a whole arm on the floor. Focus on your back straight and breathing.

Stay for 30 sec and then repeat on your other side.
Modification: keep swinging your central body as you try to put your lower hand as low as you can and touch the floor.


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This is what a perfect cobra looks like. Your thighs are up, not touching the floor. Your hands are straight under your shoulders. Shoulders are as low as possible as you try to rise from your spin. Butt and stomach muscles are strain.

Stay in this position for 30 sec and repeat 3 times.

Common mistake - DO NOT do this:

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As you will push your torso in front of your shoulder it will only cause you upper back pain. As you will try to rise from your spin your thighs will naturally push from the ground (if you stay stable and strained).


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You should focus on your centre stability try only touch your heel do not lean on it.

Stay in this position for 30 seconds and repeat as you need. If you are a beginner your back might be a little stiff. Help yourself with a modification.
Modification: raise your heels as it should be easier for you to touch them.


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This sometimes hurts on your pelvic bones 😉but it only indicates that you should bend your back more.

Try to focus on your back, bend your upper back as well. It prevents hurting yourself. Stay in this position for 30 sec.


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This exercise is optional. I do not recommend if you suffer from back pain. Remember that it takes some time to make a perfect wheel.

Do not push this exercise. Your first wheel can be lower and you should focus on your shoulders stability. Move slowly as you do not want to hurt your back. Stay for 30 sec.
Modification: You can train a wheel pose with a special yoga ring but a bunch of pillows works as well.

That's it! 👏

You can finish this exercise with a minute of a meditation. Just lay on your back and release all muscles while breathing deep. Repeat every day and you will see a difference in just two weeks!

Great job! 💗