I must say they are really a distraction.

I had lots of crushes in my life.
Some of which i couldn't keep thinking about them and some who passed fast.

The Good thing about them is that at least you have some kind of reason to keep yourself a little bit distracted from school work or whatever.
And also keep your mind somewhere else from negative thoughts.

They can make you happy and keep you in a good mood and also make you more positive like you try to dress better (not for them to notice you,but foe yourself cause you wanna look good) .

The Bad thing is that you think too much of them,like you wasting your time spending it thinking about them and not doing what is your priority like Homework or idk whatever you have in your hand to do .

Also can give you false hope like you might think they might crush you back which is not the case.
Like for example he or she may talk to you for some work thing or smile back or wave or just say something random which may make you think they might be into you.

But you will be a lot disappointed when you find out they might have a GF or a BF or they just are your friend and nothing more.

Yeah i get it you might be sad after reading this but please don't be.
You can have crushes and lots of them,don't stop yourself.
It doesn't hurt anybody as long as they don't know you're crushing on them ;) .

It is fun and also exiting. But don't crush too hard as far as getting of the planeship and going on another planet.
Since you may hurt yourself and you'll be found not crushing ever again.