title: Outlander
author: Diana Gabaldon
genre: historical romance, time travel
finished reading: November 8, 2018
rating: ★★★★★

The reason why I picked up this book was simple. First I started watching the series and I was hooked on it. I watched the first five episodes before I was set for a travel where I wouldn't be able to watch the series. However, I didn't think I could survive so long without knowing how the story continued so I picked up the book.

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I purchased the very simple blue edition, with the crown in the middle. The cover isn't exactly eye-catching but is pretty in its simplicity.

Of course, I had some expectations since I had started with the series. Nevertheless, I was swept into the story almost immediately and was in for a fun and intriguing ride. Although written in a first POV, I didn't mind since the writing itself offered enough diversity.

Diana Gabaldon is a master in focusing on her main characters without leaving the others out. There are so many sub-story lines in this book and you can sympathise with so many characters, it's incredible. She has a gift to reveal back stories and explain certain characteristics with subtle hints.

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If not for the love story (which is not only romantic and cute, but also shows the hard realities of relationships), the background of the Scottisch history is enough to pick this book up and give it a try.

It's a fun read with sad times and funny times, hard realities and little escapes. I truly enjoyed it and can't wait to pick up the next part in the series. If you need one more reason to give it a try, I will give it to you: Jamie Fraser. He's a gem and I need one in my life.

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"I can bear pain myself, he said softly, but I couldna bear yours. That would take more strength than I have."
- Diana Gabaldon (Outlander #1)