Bonjour Dear Readers
Today I will be writing about my productive routine, things that I normally do it every day. I hope you get inspired and help you with your life.


Know that every day is a new chance to improve yourself

if you don't do anything productive today

don't be too hard on yourself

and try hard the next day...



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→ wake up one or two hours earlier every day
→ Refresh, go to the bathroom, wash your face and clean your teeth you can get a smoother face.
→ Make my bed, Its a productive start for a day + it makes the room looks cleaner and it reduce stress.
→ Drink water
→ Make a healthy breakfast and drink a cup of tea. sit down and chill, take a little moment to appreciate my life and fall in love with it.
→Stretch for 10 minutes
→ Get ready...go to work or school


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→ check my Instagram, weheartit, and youtube. this three are my favorite
→ change into pajamas
→eat something
→ clean the house and kitchen, spray some perfume take candles, turn on chill music and enjoy it.
→Now its time to bath. after that, I really feel fresh because I was stinky. then wear a cozy and comfy outfit.
→make to do list of what homeworks, projects, assignments I should finish. and try not to plan to many tasks

→ work time ( one hour)

- study

→ Break ( one hour)

- start a productive hobby

- plan for articles

- watch youtube videos

- practice mindfulness

-organize school stuff

- Draw

- Relax

→ work time (one hour)

- make any homework on hand


Have a cozy night

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→after I finish my work, I pack my bag then I cook the dinner
→eat dinner
→change into pajamas
→Brush my teeth - cleans - toner - moisturizer - put on pimple treatment and brush my hair.
→ then i read a book or article that inspires me and I will learn from it + it will grow my personality and I will learn new vocabulary words. or sometimes I don't read but I watch a movie or tv show.
→do my daily 10 minutes meditations. apps that I use are " Tide" " Calm "
→Open the curtains before I sleep
→Set my alarm and sleep between 10:30 and 11:00
  • That's all for today's article
  • Thank you so much for reading and I hope you enjoyed reading it or I help you with something.

Published on 10.november.2018

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