I actually don't watch movies very often because of school and stuffs but I thought I need to write an article about it.

Let's start!

A United Kingdom

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I actually watched this movie because of Tom but the movie is so meaningful.I can definetly recommend this one.It also talks about love is love and skin colours are not important!!!


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Even thought I don't enjoy the Sci-Fi movies I liked that one a lot.It's about "a creature" they found on another planet and what "it" caused.The end was iconic!


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This kid is insane.He totally f*cked up his family.He is very smart and he uses his brain for wrong things.It's not scary but it can affect your psychology.

The Witch

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If you wanna watch horror movie because you want adrenaline don't choose that one because it's not that scary it's more meaningful.It's goal is more like make us understand who are "Witches."


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I think I don't even have to talk about.IT WAS AWESOME.Tom really made a good job and made me forget about 2007's Venom.If you like Marvel /anti-heros go and watch it.NOW!

The Dark Tower

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Another amazing movie of amazing book.There was this "Satan" and "The Choosen One" again.The boy and "The Good Guy" are trying to save "The Dark Tower"

The Bye Bye Man

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I wanted to watch this movie more than a year and at the end I did and also I'm also very glad that I did.I don't wanna give spois cause if you read what I was going to write you'll think about it and say it and at the end you wi-

I really hope you enjoyed this one cause I worked hard for that and I really wanted to write an article for so long and it is my first one and I'm sure it won't be the last