Uraraka showed me a picture of this boy, around 15 years old. I knew him from somewhere.

It's maybe probably I saw him with a 30 year old guy so called "Levi Ackerman" on the google search in "Riren" or "Ereri" shipping. (Guys I'm serious! Don't hate me! I kinda ship them like you guys!!!)

Now, let us see what his quote is! smiles

Eren Jaeger:

"If you think reality is just living comfortably and following your own whims, can you seriously dare to call yourself a soldier?"- Eren Jaeger

Thinks Hmm....wow. I think this guy is a proper genius. I saw him in a picture turning into in sort of a monster form called a "Titan".

Todoroki-kun told me that those beasts eat humans. I mean...seriously?!! How did he know that?! Wait... remembers Ah, he watched a lot of anime series, included this one.

Relaxes So guys...which anime quotes should I make next time?? Please heart this Quotes and message me for any anime suggestions. Just let me know! smiles Bye! waves