I listen to most same songs through summer and spring too. Here's the songs that I'm like, right now obsessed with. Well,, been obsessed with for a month already. These songs also get me into autumn mood. (even though Autumn is almost over)

01. Waking Up Slow (piano version) - Gabrielle Aplin

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This song is like my favorite. I love the lyrics, the melody and everything in it. It's just so damn beautiful.

02. Running Up That Hill - Kate Bush

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Kate Bush is just so incredibly talented and the song itself is a masterpiece!

03. Obvious - bonus track from Dear Evan Hansen

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This song is absolutely BEAUTIFUL. Also very relatable and my love for this musical is endless. Hiding In Your Hands is also a very beautiful song from the recording that everyone should listen to.

04. Youngblood - 5 Seconds Of Summer

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For some reason I'm obsessed with this song and i don't even know why.

05. In Case I Don't Feel - Kevin Garrett

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Just a very beautiful song. Love the lyrics!

06. Always Remember Us This Way - A Star Is Born

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My favorite song from the soundtrack. I love Lady Gaga so much, she's such an amazing singer and everything.

07. Queen Of Diamonds - Tom Odell

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Just a lovely song :))

That's all. I am also very aware that fall is basically over.

vilma <3