When I first thaught of this tag idea I wondered if it was to much of a negative topic since I try to end my articles always on a positive note but after a thinking about it I thinl this tag had the potential to help me and other people embrace our insecurities and see we're not the only ones.

So regardless you want to do this tag or not I hope you know whatever you are insecure about is also beautiful and whatever it is that you hate may be something someone who loves you loves.

By the way I have no idea if this has been done before or not.

1-Acne/ Acne Scars

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This is probably my number one insecurity since is one thing that I feel everyone notices but even thought somedays I feel more insecure or less I now it doesn't make me less beautiful and I don't try to cover it up anymore, at least most of the days.

2- My Nose

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Althought I couldn't find any images that would represent it I have a bump in my nose that has been for a long time a insecurity of mine but I also grew to love since it sets my nose apart from my friends'.

3- My Voice/ Being Obnoxious

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So I have a deep and loud voice and sometimes when I speak in public I can't help but feel like my voice is too manly but It won't stop me from speaking up since I know there's nothing wrong with that. And besides having a very loud voice I also have quite the extroverted personality so sometimes I feel like I am too obnoxious but again it won't stop me from being myself after all you doesn't like it can always leave.

4-My height

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I am a very short girl, I am about 5'2 and I play volleyball so I am basically always sorrounded by tal people not only in school but also in practice and games and when I was young people would make me feel bad about being so petite but altought I would love to be a lit bit taller I like being short. I mean short people do exactly the same things as tal people and there's no shame in being petite.

5- My Eye Color

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My eye color as always been a big insecuritie of mine. My eyes are basically black and as much as it sounds cliché and silly I've always wished I had blue eyes. But I am growing to love my eye color more each day. I'm growing to find it quite misterious and seductive (even thought I am not misterious or seductive at al).
Both of this photos are from jade's beautiful eyes. (this eye color is just like mine so they were the best phtos I could find to represent it)

I hope that everyone whose read this article about some of my insecurities doesn't find it to negative I honestly feel like it was a good way for me to embrace them even more than I already try to.