• When it is talking about “him, the guy, he’s” imagine your crush/BF etc.
• Pick as many friends or people you are hanging out with in this story
• This can be set in any city/town/state/country etc.
• This story is about a girl who likes a boy (so this story is mostly for girls) but not judging if guys read it

Picture This:

Its 11:00pm, you are meeting up with your friends at in-n-out… as there pulling up your waiting for this one person, the last person to show up is the one you’ve been waiting for… you see him and your stomach is filled with butterflies, he comes up to you and gives you this small smirk, the he hugs you and says he’s missed you. So… you and all of your friends are eating, hanging out, talking, yelling, dancing and it’s about 11:50pm or so, so you guys decide to take an Uber to the city. As you try to squish your group of friends inside the car your all laughing not even caring that your uncomfortable, the whole drive to the city that one guy just keeps looking at you, he can’t stop and you cant stop looking back, when you and your friends get out of the car its about 12:20am… all of you guys are just running around and shopping dancing, observing, and as all this is happening you and that one guy are just cant be apart, you guys are talking, laughing, singing, dancing, and all your friends a teasing you about it. Later, at about 1:30am you guys all agree it take a rest, and stop at a diner, you guys order cokes and shakes, fries etc. as this is happening, you and him are sitting with each other, then you start to get cold so he gives you his hoodie, its big on you, but he says its cute, then you guys hold hands… at this moment you feel butterflies, happiness, numb, and the most you’ve felt ever all at the same time. After the diner one of you friends here’s a noise coming from an apartment, it sounds like a party, and even though its 2:00 in the morning you all decide to go to the party… your dancing, talking to your friends… while he’s just admiring how BEAUTIFUL you are, then you go sit next to him and ask him “what’s wrong” then he says “nothing, nothing at all”… as everything starts to calm down everyone just sitting around talking, your laying on him trying not to fall asleep… then he tells you something that you have been waiting for the whole night, he whispers in your ear… “I LOVE YOU” …