"some of those who work forces,
are the same that burn crosses"

he was not always an absolute menace to society. in fact, during the first few years of his life, dong sicheng's childhood was borderline normal. he had a mother and a father who were good to him, and later on, a little brother came into the picture. a look into these years of sicheng's life would not hold any suggestion towards what he would become and what he would do in his future.

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it was only after he was eight years old that things began to take a darker turn.

his mother's postpartum depression ravaged her mind so badly that it drove her to suicide. it left sicheng with a baby brother, chenle, and a father whose maddening grief turned him towards alcohol in order to ease his pain. he was an angry, violent drunk who blamed his sons for the death of his wife, verbally threatening his eldest son regularly. he even broke a beer bottle over sicheng's head when he was eleven, leaving the boy with a permanent scar found just below his hairline.

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he was the one to teach sicheng everything he knew about anger, and it is because of this anger that sicheng stayed alive.

sicheng was thirteen when he started involving himself in criminal activities. he wanted chenle to be taken care of as he grew older, and his father invested his money solely into whatever he could have to drink next. the boy fell in with a gang almost completely made up of boys who were older and stronger than him, but they gave him a share of the money they stole from convenience stores and the like. he was almost kicked back out onto the streets and left to his own devices until they discovered that he had a way with guns and a fighting spirit that they had never seen before. he was full of anger and vengeance, and this appealed to them greatly.

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their leader was killed in a shoot-out only a day after sicheng turned fifteen. in turn, the second-in-command was given power over the band of rebels and proved to be a controlling, bloodthirsty leader who lacked a sense of closeness with them. the only thing he craved was power and he was determined to acquire more and more of it, even if it meant bringing the gang close to death on several occasions. and it was this fact that pissed sicheng off the most.

he reminded sicheng of his father, and that was the driving force behind the boy's next move.

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sicheng was sixteen when he killed someone for the first time. he mustered up every bit of anger that he had closed up within himself over the years and shot his leader twice in the back of his head after he had brought him down to his knees. he had heard from war veterans and convicts all through his life that killing someone would scar him mentally, but he could feel nothing but satisfaction after he had carried out what he believed was right.

the occurrence came as quite a shock to the rest of the gang, enough to cause a few members to leave, but those who remained began to look up to sicheng as their leader, which was a position he was more than happy to take. it was a rank that brought in more money and more respect than the boy had ever seen in his life. it was all foreign and confusing to him, but he was able to tell that he liked it and he knew exactly what to do with it.

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chenle was fourteen when sicheng pulled him away from their father and into a very different life that he wanted to make for them. sicheng used money that he had robbed to purchase a small apartment in the city where his little brother could stay while he carried out gang activites. a few remaining gang members vowed to protect chenle with their lives in the meantime. their names were taeil, donghyuck, and jaemin. chenle, despite his age and disposition, matured very quickly and began aspiring to become a police officer.

sicheng was an ambitious leader who always worked to cover more and more ground while still being careful to keep his head down. in the span of only a year, he acquired two more members for the band of rebels: ten and doyoung.

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he flourished in his position, making sure that the authorities knew his name but not his face. he made sure that they knew when he was the one who had done something, but not where he had gone or what he was going to do next. he was brash, he was loud, and he was deeply passionate. it was anger that drove the majority of his actions and a deep sense of closeness with his gang that drove the rest. he was a boy with delicate, unassuming features, and he scared city residents into locking their doors at night nonetheless. he wanted to be feared, and he was. he wanted to be respected, and he was. no one had the nerve to deny him anything he wanted at any point.

no one, at least, until he had scared all the customers out of his favorite diner one night and demanded a meal for himself and his company, taeil. for the first time in a long time, someone looked him directly in his eyes and politely told him to take his gang shit elsewhere.

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he was an employee, and his name was yuta nakamoto.

he was the only person who could calm the vengeance and the anger that had aged like a fine wine in the pit of sicheng's stomach, and he stayed with him. despite everything, he stayed with him.

he made sicheng feel whole again, even if who he had once been had torn himself apart years ago.