Heyy everyone!

If you know me, you know, that I looove winter and especially christmas! So in this article I decided to tell you some of the reason why:


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I love snow: it's like play-doh but cold and free!
I just love to shape it and make different kind of snowmen, fortes and anything that you can possibly imagine.


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I mean - who doesn't like sweaters? They are warm and cozy and fashionable. You can't go wrong with a sweater.

ice skating, skiing etc.

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I know a lot of people don't like skiing, but I do - and of course ice skating!

hot chocolate and other hot drinks

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Imagine: some light up candles, a really good book, a big sweater, warm socks, cozy sofa AND a steamy cup of hot chocolate.
That's the dream.
In Finland we have this christmas beverage called Glögi (I think it's called Finnish mullet wine in english - it's not wine though!) and I can't wait to drink it again!
The smell of it makes me think of christmas immediately.

holiday decorations

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During winter - at least where I live - it gets really dark and by dark I mean like really dark. The sun doesn't come up until 11am and goes down at 2pm.
And because it's dark, it's really amazing to see all the holiday decorations and light in the streets and in the city. It really brightens up the atmosphere.

christmas markets

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The perfect place to find the perfect christmas gifts!
Christmas markets are a big thing here in Finland and I think in Europe altogether, but not in America? I don't know why, they are amazing!

All the lights are up, everybody are in the christmas spirit... I absolutely love them!

and, of course...


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Happy holidays everybody!