Hello, beautiful Hearters and Smilers! Happy Saturday!

It is currently 12:05 in the morning where I am, which means.....


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I am so overcome with joy and happiness right now. I honestly can't believe that a project I created a year ago is still standing.

Okay, I know, I've been absent the past few weeks. But you have to give me a break. I started a new job, I'm part of an amazing writing team, I'm in school. It's a lot.

BUT I am going to keep doing #TheSmileProject.

More articles are coming your way, loves. Such as:

  • More Bible study content
  • Playlists to turn that frown upside down
  • Tips on school
  • Tips on friendships
  • Tips on relationships
  • Interviews with some pretty cool people

We're kicking off the second year (this is the start of another year, right?) with a bang.

Here's what to expect this week:

  • School articles
  • An interview
  • Fun DIYs to help you get more focused and inspired

TODAY (yes, today November 10) there will a live stream at 4 pm. eastern time on the #TheSmileProject Instagram (the.smile.project.1).So tune into that where you can ask questions, get intel on new little projects within the project, and more!

But, for now, let's take a trip down memory lane. Here are some articles the team and I have written in this past year. (I'm sorry, guys, I just can't get over that.

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For more amazing articles, you can find the collection here:

I want to leave off on this note:

You are amazing. You don't need to prove your worth to anyone because you are worthy. You are loved and wanted and, believe it or not, you inspire. So I have a challenge for you. Are you ready?

Here's your challenge: Post a picture of either you or a picture found on We Heart It of someone smiling and write a positive note. Write something you would love to hear.

With every picture added, there is one more smile.

Let's change the world with smiles and kind words!

Want to join the #TheSmileProject team?

Just message me. I'll ask you a few simple questions and we'll get started!

(I do plan on making daily articles again. I've reached the positive feeling I've been missing the past few months. Though I have been absent, which I apologize for, I think this could have been the best for me.)

That's all I have for you today, loves. Like always, I hope you have an amazing rest of your day and weekend. Remember to keep smiling. You never know who will it.



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