As I sit here crying as I write this one of my friends is in the ICU about 6 hours away dying. You don't think when you get up of a morning this is my last day this is the end. You don't get the opportunity to tell your loved ones goodbye or even I Love You for the last time. I got up this morning and went to school having no idea he was even sick, I got home and about 4 o'clock was scrolling through facebook and I start seeing posts. Posts and Post please pray please pray. I panic texting one of the people that posted what's wrong? I got the reply "he has liver failure" my heart drops. One of my friends that I grew up knowing being the one most full of life and joy, being so sick and I didn't even know. I found out a little bit after that he has sepsis and Hep A. He was given 2 days to get a liver, as I am typing this at 11:53 pm on 11/9/2018 he has till tomorrow evening to find a liver match. I have never prayed and begged like I have today and I will continue until I cant no more. He has 2 beautiful girls in elementary school and a gorgeous loving wife. He would give the shirt off his back for anybody and I pray to god he will make it through this. He is a fighter and I believe the power of prayer can heal him. My point is don't take life for granted wake up every morning with a smile on your face even if your sad, because its to short. Its so short. Go tell your family you love them because you never know when its the last time. I sure didn't and now my time is almost up.