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Fertile Hearts

Some feelings and few people
Have the power to make us whole.
Others are like weapons—
Lethal guests that shatter our soul.
Have you ever been so broken;
That acid tears burn your hopes?
Have you ever had the doubt;
Chase the horizon or live like a ghost?

When flowers bloom from a broken heart;
From the labyrinths within its core.
What essence do they have?
How far their stem can go?

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If you can hear me, my darling
I can tell you what I know.

Some blossoms have the scent of melancholia
Unable to reach the surface (afraid to grow).
Others are bathed in new beginnings;
Eager to reach, the light of the sun.

— Clairel Estevez
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Clairel Estevez
Clairel Estevez

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