is it okay to like you?
can you please tell me?
i really want to know,
because you're so godamn breathtaking
i don't know how to react when you walk in the door, when our eyes meet,
when your lips lift into a smile.
who am i? why can't i recognize this side of me ?
why am i afraid?
i used to not be afraid
what happened to me?
can you help me find out?
talk to me.

i don't know why i'm this way
can it be anxiety? can it be a disease?
am i insecure? no but yes
but its easy to say i will talk to her and way too hard to commit to doing it
i wanna live inside another's words
am i inpatient? am i immature?
why do i question myself?
why can't you just come up to me, talk to me, converse with me?
why can't i just go up to you?