This is a compilation of songs that bring out a lot of emotion in me whether the words or just the flow get to me. I will link the Spotify playlist but in case you don't have Spotify or you just want to read ill list the most emotional for me. I'm also going through a rough patch so I balled my eyes put as I listened to it writing this.

Skinny love//Birdie
Chamapgne//Lia Marie Johnson

Abusive image

Depression & Obsession//XXX
Jocelyn Flores//XXX

Mature image

Sober//Demi Lovato
Let Me Down Slowly// Alec Benjamin

lonely and sad image

Grand Piano//Nicki Minaj
If You Want Love//NF

Image by Ara

Bad Repuation//Shawn Mendes
A Little Too Much//Shawn Mendes

sad, happy, and quotes image

Breathe Me//Sia
Unsteady//X Ambassadors

depressed and sad image

Stone Cold//Demi Lovato
Everybody Dies In Thier Nightmares//XXX

fight, afraid, and quotes image