Hello, my Internet friends!

How's the middle of the week treating you? Have you been drinking enough water every day? Have you showered lately? Have you been meditating or doing hobbies? For you students out there, have you been mentally stable enough to go to class and finish your homework? For you creative funkies, I understand the burden school can be when all you do is create art.

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I honestly hate being in a creative rut because it makes me feel unproductive and lowkey untalented. I am pretty sure you can relate too. However, there are multiple ways that help me get out of the rut.

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Walking outside or inside my house

I mostly get inspired or have motivation when I am out of my house (transportation, mall, walking, etc.) or when I am in my house but not in my room. New environment really helps get inspired.

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E.g: coffee shop, library, sitting on my kitchen table, my parent's room, living room, going to the mall, sitting in the public transit or at the park, walking around my neighborhood, etc.

Watching Youtube videos

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When I don't have the motivation to film/edit a video or have no video ideas, I tempt to go on youtube and catch up on my fave's recent uploads. I also look up video ideas and see if other people did them. I take inspiration from them and if the video is old enough, I plan to make a more modern version (and add some of my spices).

Social Media

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More specifically Instagram, Tumblr, WeHeartIt. Reading articles, positive tweets, posts, and quotes really help me hype myself up to do something. When I feel lazy or feeling like giving up, I go on social media and I see people creating, doing something with their day and it motivates me to do the same. Photographies really help me. I want to be an inspiring photographer/youtuber/writer


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Kinda self-explanatory but one of the best ways I get my inspiration/motivation from is by reading. I also "study" the author's style. I really have a hard time writing dialogues properly and scenery. I've been reading "blog/diary-ish" books growing up and so it kinda made me want to do the same. E.g: magazines, books, writing prompts, movie scripts, fanfiction, you name it!


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I love to listen to alternative, indie, lo-fi. Basically, anything that is chill and "lit" but not really hyper. Depending on the vibe of the song and lyrics, it really puts me in the creative mood.


DAYDREAMING! That's something that I do literally all day... It never stops. The more I think about doing something, the more anxious I get and nothing really happens. So moral of this, don't think about it too much. It will come by itself.

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When I'm eating, when I am showering, listening to music, reading, listening to someone talk, etc. Ideas come easily when I am not so focused.

That's it, Folks!

I really hope this helps you all. Inspiration comes and go and please don't beat yourself up because you aren't inspired or motivated. Remember No one is perfect. Don't forget to stay hydrated, be kind and stay weird!

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