Hello, my dear sunflower.

This time I will write about something that was very important for me to leave behind an episode of depression.

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Do exercises, not to fulfill the stereotypes of society that says "the thinner the better". No, do it for you. Everything you do in your life should be for you, if you don't seek your own good nobody else will.

First, you must accept and love your body as it is, you can't change it, it's the body that touched you, so love it and take care of it. Start by loving yourself, and you will see how your environment will change for the better, believe me, if it works

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There are many reasons why you should exercise: it helps you speed up your metabolism, reduces stress and anxiety, it also improves your life, not only physically, also mentally and even spiritually.

It gives you the energy you need to make your day something wonderful, it makes you feel better with yourself and the people around you going to notice that, it will make you a happier person and that is something very important.

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Draw a goal, a goal that is real and healthy, don't try to imitate Fashion Week models, not darling, don't try to imitate anyone, be yourself and trust in you is one of your best weapons against the world. Also, there are different types of bodies so don't strain, don't force, your body to be something that is not.

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I'm thin by nature, but I didn't love my body, I didn't love myself. After several storms that life brought me I learned how to do it, how to love me, and I had to do it, because if you don't love yourself and you don't have faith in yourself, the world will be able to collapse you. The physical exercise was a very important factor in that dark moment of my life, it helped me to control my anxiety, it ended the depression, I started to smile again after finishing the routines, (besides, my body began to change, the curves made their appearance!) and now I'm in love with who I am, and I have faith that I will reach the top of the highest mountain.

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So workout, and do it just for you, that when you see the mirror just see the love of your life.

Kisses, Lys

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(And if you didn't know it, I speak Spanish, and this is my way of practicing my English. So, I'm sorry if something is not well written. ¡Nos vemos pronto!)