Wishing is for the hopeless dreamers.
They wish for everything.
Wish for luck
Wish for love
Wish for a better world.
People often say that wishing is reserved for the weak and desperate. But why, if the universe is so ubiquitous, should it be a crime to express my desires to the one entity that may listen to me?

Whether wishing on a dandelion or a shooting star, these glaze-eyed dreamers have more power than believed.
Because with 2 words, 1 breathe, and an endless amount of constellations in their eyes, they utter the phrase "I wish" and with that, they do what only the bravest would dare.
They hope
and hope.
Because when others give up
and retreat to their slumber,
we keep our eyes open and hope when others do not.
And that, my fellow wishers, is why we carry the world with our dreams. We believe in the power of our words and that with the right amount of courage, we may hope for things branded impossible.
So wish on dreamers
Wish for happiness, wish for magic

Wish for luck
Wish for love

And wish for a better world.