Background on the poem: So, the poem's rhythm and line length is based off of the song Rewrite the Stars from The Greatest Showman soundtrack. I just added different words and meanings to the lyrics. Hope you enjoy! This is called Break Through the Night. Also, I only did the first verse and the chorus. Okay, now enjoy!

There’re chains around me
There is no way that I could deny
The fire surrounding
This beat down heart I could not confide
But then you walk up to me
With words of hope in your eyes
You say there’s always time to breathe
When there’s fire inside
That’s surging deep through this stone cold
Heart of mine I cannot keep

How do we break through the night?
How do we tear every wall?
Keeping me locked up inside
I only learned what it’s like to crawl
We can break through, yes, I can break through
Fear will not tear apart the plain truth
So why don’t we break through the night
Creating a life full of light

Special Note: If you liked this and wanted me to post more poems, just let me know because i have a bunch of poems that I have not shown to the world yet.