Hey guys, this is my first article and since I'm one of the biggest Harry Potter fans, I decided to do it.


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Diane Peterson

➳Date of Birth:

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11 August 1980 - Leo

➳Blood Status:

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Pure Blood but she doesn't care


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Hornbeam wood with a Dragon heartstring core 13" and Solid flexibility

➳Physical Appearance:

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Dark Brown Hair, Light Blue Eyes and 5.8 feet and a half


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Black Wolf

➳Quidditch Position:

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➳Favourite Classes:

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Care of Magical Creatures/Defense Against the Dark Arts

➳Favourite Spells:

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➳Favourite place in Hogwarts

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A White cat Named Alaska
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A Little Brown Owl Named Cutie


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➳Best Friend:

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➳Favourite Teachers

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➳Yule Ball:

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