you're probably wondering what i mean by 'soul windows'
simply, it is your eyes.

eyes are beautiful and are able to express large quantities of emotion and feeling through simple and different looks.

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eyes are by the far the most beautiful and exquisite things.
they are were we gauge the emotions of the others... i mean have you never looked into someone's eyes to see what they're thinking?

eyes are capable of showing extreme sadness as well as elation and joy. there are many more emotions that can bee seen in the eyes; pain, anguish, surprise, wonder, suspision, and so many more.
but it is not only the emotions that are beautiful about the eyes... they shapes and colours are breath-taking too.

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there are so many types of eye shapes and eye colours that it is impossible to encompass them all.
people need to learn self-love and accept the beauty that the have.

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the eyes see beyond, deeper into what defines you as a person.

soul windows are beautiful.

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