>➤ Cuddling

couple, goals, and hug image love, couple, and bed image

>➤ Watching Netflix

article, food, and laptop image autumn, book, and harry potter image

>➤ Petting Animals

cute, animal, and bunny image dog, cute, and animal image

>➤ Rainy Days

rain, city, and street image adventure, city, and explore image

>➤ A Refreshing Shower

Image by ♛Tahmina♛ Temporarily removed

>➤ Going out for Dinner

fashion, food, and girl image girl, pizza, and friends image

>➤ Wearing your Favorite Outfit

fashion, girls, and street style image fashion, girl, and style image

>➤ Running through Untouched Snow

background, beautiful, and evergreen image 2010, atmosphere, and bench image

>➤ Inside Jokes with your Best Friends

girl, summer, and smile image friends, girls, and bff image

>➤ Neck Kisses

couple, love, and kiss image kiss, boy, and neck image

>➤ Watching Disney Movies

disney, dumbo, and peter pan image Temporarily removed

>➤ We Heart It

white and work image computer, internet, and we heart it image


- Bea ♡