Here are some suggestions on tv-series. Hope you'll like it! ♥

The Gifted

the gifted image eclipse, marcos, and lorna image polaris and the gifted image blink, gif, and gifs image


Temporarily removed riverdale, lili reinhart, and cole sprouse image Temporarily removed cole sprouse, betty cooper, and veronica lodge image


kiss, serie, and clace image serie, jace herondale, and parabatai image shadowhunters, alec lightwood, and isabelle lightwood image shadowhunters, simon lewis, and clary fray image

The Good Place

eleanor and the good place image meme, reaction, and funny meme image baba, gif, and Janet image gif, kristen bell, and tv image

Charmed (2018)

charmed, the cw, and tv show image the cw and charmed image charmed image charmed, the cw, and tv show image