Several people tell me they are fond of my music taste so I decided to post all my Spotify playlists for y'all. I update them daily so I'll try to update this article as much as possible but you can check @.neha.dubey. on Spotify for any new changes.

♡ Me, Myself, and I ♡

A personal collection of my all time favorite songs throughout the years. Expands to all genres.*

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Lots of Thoughts💭

A playlist that makes you want to fall deep into a sea of thoughts or just casually listen to anywhere. Really follows no theme.*

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✧ Floating With Images ✧

Various songs I've listened to over the years that make me imagine an entire music video in my brain. Personally my all time fave playlist.*

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Your new go-to party playlist with the BEST bangers. Flows from your favorite pop hits, dubstep classics, latin jams, r&b/hip-hip club throwdowns, cool-off anthems, and everything in between*

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Tomboy Origins

Rap songs that make you feel like THAT girl/guy and lets your inner rebel loose.*

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Oldies Vibe

A collection of great old artists and their best song (s) dating from 10+ years. Includes music from 00s, 90s, 80s, 70s, and possibly older.*

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Nap Time....

Best tracks to listen to whenever you feel like dozing off. Mostly alternative and acoustic tracks with a few exceptions.*

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Daytime Aesthetic

The best songs to listen to during the day that keeps you happy, energized, and fulfilled. Part 1 of your entire day.*

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Nighttime Aesthetic

The best songs to listen to during the night that keeps you emotional, moving, and thoughtful. Part 2 of your entire day.*

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The Complete Journal Of Love

My personal album of my love life starting from freshman year of high school. If you were once my crush or lover, you are 100% in this playlist*

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A Taste of Christmas

HANDS DOWN the greatest Christmas playlist you'll ever listen to.*

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Hopeless Romantic

A playlist of a timeless, classic love story. First 1/2 is your all time favorite pre-love and love songs, second 1/2 is your all time favorite breakup and post-love songs*

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Current songs I'm listening to/obsessed with/trying to get into. My messiest playlist that changes the most.*

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⍨ mood: melancholy ⍨

A playlist filled with the saddest tunes I can think of. Touches various genres and will 100% make you cry.*

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sensual liberation

The art of physical attraction shouldn't be shunned from society. Let your sexuality be free with this playlist. Features your favorite R&B, Alternative, Pop, and even Rap songs that get you in the mood to strip.*

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edm madness

For my free spirits, whos' favorite season is Coachella season. Contains some of the best EDM tracks for your inner flower child to be spiritually connected to.

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fast car, new lanes

No matter where you go, you always carry those certain set of jams to drive over the speed limit with. Filled with jams of all genres that you know and live.

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notorious neha

The ultimate breakup playlist. When life screws you over, you just have to remind yourself who you are and how much you're worth.

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europe 2k19

A playlist of all the songs I will be listening to while I backpack across Europe in summer 2019. Use it for your own traveling endeavors.

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Neha Dubey
Neha Dubey

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