🌎Hey there🌎

so I really love travelling, and here are some places in the World, which I want to visit someday. Maybe even some I`ve already been to👀🤗


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I`ve never been to Venice, but I was in Italy a multiple times and I can say that it´s a beautiful and relaxing country, which has probably the best pizza I´ve ever eaten. I know, seems cliched😂🤷‍♀️ but Venice is the city in Italy which I want to visit the most. It seems to be so comfy and cute.🎀


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I wasn´t at many places yet, but Tarifa is for sure the most beautifulest place I´ve ever been to 😍there are so many things I love about the city. It´s located at the southernmost point in Spain and if you want to, you could make a one-day-trip to Africa, because Marocco is only 1h 5min away from Tarifa 😱 it´s also known for it´s high wind speeds, which is especially beneficial for the surfer there. I´ve been there this summer and I really want to come back anytime.🙆‍♀️💘


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I also never been to Paris, but I can truly say that I´m freaking IN LOVE with the cliche about the city🤤I´m literally obsessed with everything. the fashion, the whole vibes there, the croissants(!), the sights, the aesthetic...💞 there are so many reasons why I really want to travel there and it´s one of my biggest travel destiantion.🏁

N E W . Y O R K . C I T Y

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I actually want to see everything in the USA, but I think New York is one of the most important places I want to travel to 🤔 It´s not just because of all the action and liveliness there. It´s also because of my mother, which also wants to visit New York so bad and I already can imagine to travel with her by my side.💕👩‍👧


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It´s not just the fact that there are less mosquitoes why I want to visit Iceland🤩 There are, just like in paris, so many reasons to travel there. I´m actually not a big fan of cold places, but I think Iceland is going to be an exeption😂💙


At least I want to say thank you for reading this and I´m also so sorry for my bad english grammar..😅 I´m from Germany so please have mercy guys. <3