Day 9 - List 10 songs you loving right now

1. Woman like me (Little Mix)
power, woman like me, and cool image girl, power, and woman like me image
2. What I need (Hayley Kiyoko ft. Kehlani)
hayley kiyoko, what i need, and kehlani image lesbian, hayley kiyoko, and what i need image
3. 8 Letters (Why Don't We)
8 letters, why don't we, and wdw image music, 8 letters, and why dont we image
4. Polaroid (Jonas Blue, Liam Payne, Lennon Stella)
polaroid, liampayne, and lennonstella image judge, live shows, and polaroid image
5. God is a woman (Ariana Grande)
ariana grande, ariana, and aesthetic image Temporarily removed
6. Joan of arc (Little Mix)
Temporarily removed leigh-anne pinnock, jesy nelson, and perrie edwards image
7. Trust Fund Baby (Why Don't We)
Temporarily removed gif, why don't we, and corbyn besson image
8. thank u, next (Ariana Grande)
ariana grande image ariana, grande, and thank u image
9. Jet black heart (5 Seconds Of Summer)
5sos, 5 seconds of summer, and luke hemmings image Image by Baby Troye
10. We the party (Why Don't We)
Temporarily removed jack, avery, and wdw image

Thanks for reading! x