I recently wrote an article on making a game plan and starting healthy routines.

Now it's time for me to actually apply them in my life. Everyone's game plan will look a little different. So if you're curious on what I have planned for myself, then just keep reading.

I decided to dedicate some days of the week to getting my shit together.

Thursday routine: Health and Family

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Lunch with my mom at 12:00
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Gym from 1:30-3:00
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Visit my grandparents

Friday: Plan the week

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Plan work schedule, shopping list, workout schedule, goals, etc.

Saturday routine: GYST
(Or a day that I'm not scheduled to work)

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Clean the whole apartment. Do the dishes, vacuum, wipe down counters, take out trash, etc.
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Laundry day, organize your closet, plan outfits.
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Shower, face mask, get ready for the day.
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Refer to your list from Friday and go grocery shopping.
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Treat yourself. Get your eyebrows waxed, paint your nails, curl your hair, etc.
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Monday: Meal Prep and Home Workout

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Do a quick home workout.
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If I didn't cook anything on the weekend, I'll use Monday to make meals for the week so I'm not making impulsive trips to tacobell.

Tuesday: Get out

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Get out of the house! Go for a run, explore, take the dog out, go for a hike.

Wednesday: Relax

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Love the life you create<3

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See you all next time!