The other day I wrote an article basically just complaining about the unhealthy habits I've gotten myself into.

I thought about deleting it but it's a part of me. It's okay to let it out and get mad at yourself but it's not okay to let it become a habit. It's good to recognize bad habits and decide when enough is enough. So, this morning I woke up late as usual and instead of watching another episode of Gossip Girl in bed, I decided to write this article as a way of getting my shit together and coming up with healthy habits to follow and bring into 2019.

The holidays are right around the corner and the weather is getting colder so it can be easy to stress yourself out and lose track on personal goals. So, who's ready to pick yourself up and make a game plan?

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Coffee? Check. Pen and paper? Check. Motivation? Hell yeah.

Let's start with what you want to change in your life. What makes you feel gross? What bad habits do you want to quit? What needs improvement in your life?

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I don't like that I spend so much money going out to eat. I don't like that I spend so much time in bed. I don't like my appearance and I don't like that I haven't stood up for myself or stuck to any routines in my life.

What does your dream life or your perfect day look like?

Waking up refreshed and motivated.
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Have a set workout schedule for the week
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Catch up with a friend
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Get inspired, write plan out the week.
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Relax, read, learn.
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Cook together and end the night in your arms.

How can you use the things you don't like about your situation and the things you want in your life to create good habits?

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Go grocery shopping instead of eating out. Spend a day or two planning out meals to prepare.
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Don't hit snooze. Even if you've got nothing going on today, get out of bed!
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Go for a walk, do some yoga, hit the gym, do a home workout. Do something to get your body moving and healthy.
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Get organized. Keep a planner to stay on track. Set goals, keep a budget, balance your life. Dedicate a day of the week to plan out your week or month.
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Dedicate another day of the week to getting your shit together. This means go grocery shopping, get your eyebrows waxed, update songs on your ipod, clean the bathroom, or do any tasks you've been putting off so you and your environment is refreshed.
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Girl, get yourself a hobby. I spend way too much time on my phone or watching tv. Read two chapters at least every other day, knit while I'm watching a movie, paint on my days off or learn a new instrument.
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Reach out and catch up with friends. Get your butt out of the house! Surround yourself with positive people and expand your comfort zone.

I hope this helped spark some inspiration! Lets end the year strong!