Name ;

Estephanie De La Cruz

Age ;



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long brown wavy hair, brown eyes, tan skin, and circle glasses


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quirky in a good way, smiles a lot, child at heart, feminist


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likes to wear neutral and pastel colors. during big events she will wear fancy dresses. her everyday wear consists of either casual but fancy dress or sweater tops.


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the first crown is a family heirloom; the second crown is for her coronation; the third is for events; and the last one is for everyday


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estephanie owns a golden retriever named alec; a black cat named raven; a bunny named Penelope; and a white horse named anastasia


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located in Madrid, Spain, Estephanie's palace is surrounded with gardens, has many windows for the sunlight, has a lot of gold decoration, and many lights


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she loves to paint, play her guitar, taking pictures, and loves being in nature


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Estrella has known Estephanie since they could walk. their families have always been close and they basically grew up together. Estrella have tan skin with long brown curly hair and brown eyes. together estrella and estephanie are partners in crime


arts, black, and coven image boy, art, and aesthetic image boy and Tattoos image witch image
Jaxson is the family warlock; his family has known Estephanie's for centuries. Jaxson isn't just the family warlock to her family Jaxson is Estephanie's best friend. He has black raven hair, tattoos, brown eyes with tan skin.

Prince Charming

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Timothy, who at first was just your bestfriend, but as you both grew up feelings started to develop. Both of you enjoy spending time together alone and enjoying each other's presence. Fair skin. Golden brown hair, beautiful blue eyes


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Emma was Estephanie's bestfriend. Her and Estephanie were inseparable. At one point Emma developed a huge crush on Timothy, but Timothy didn't feel the same for her. Emma was hurt and filled with envy towards Estephanie. Pale skin. Part witch and green eyes that turn dark when using her magic.


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Estephanie found out that she was also part witch on her mother's side. She harnesses her power from the earth and has control over the 4 elements.