Hi guys, I'm Finally back life got WAY too crazy and i couldn't keep up with my articles super sorry about that I know some of you were on a weight loss journey with me. I did end up losing 20 pounds that i still have off and that wouldn't have happened without all of your support. Thank you!!

So i am gonna post some stuff every once in a while, probably random stuff, but i do want to start a no sugar diet, i work at a daycare now and a really good one but the cute little kiddos get sick a LOT and my immune system doesn't know what hit it. So I've been sick about every weekend. and i know cutting of sugar and eating healthy will boost my immune system and hopefully help me not get sick as much.

i also started a GoFundMe, I'm hoping to adopt children in the future not too far away, and i need to add two bedrooms on to my house. Also I know adopting kids is a very expensive process so im praying and Hoping in about a year i'll have what I will need to adopt kids. So if you want to donate to or share this link please do the link is here https://www.gofundme.com/adopting-and-need-two-add-on-rooms

Thank you all for everything bye for now!!