TV series can carry you in another world. Maybe in the Camelot in the V century; or maybe in the upside down in Hawkins. All of us see TV series in the afternoon with a cup of coffee or of hot chocolate and a cozy blanket with soft socks. So in this article i just want to tell you which TV series i saw, and my favourite ones.


I was enchanted by the wizard Merlin and his adventures. This series, I think, is one of those you have to see, only because if you didn’t must.

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I have loved the friendship between King Arthur and his servant Merlin. This series has love, hate, rivalry and magic..


This series is a short tv show, but it is about a real story happened in the XIX century. It’s about a housekeeper investigated for killing her masters.

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I love the mini serie for its intriguing events, and its lies.

13 reasons why

Now this serie is really famous for its message. It’s about a young suicide girl who leaves some cassettes to who has contributed for her suicide.

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I like the serie for its message of anti-bullying.


It is set in the 70s, in Hawkins...but there is another world, too.

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stranger things and gif image
This is my favourite serie and i can’t wait the third season


In this series, the Robinson family will do an incredible journey to another planet. Fasten your seatbelts and leave the Earth!

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I like this tv show for its characters and because the love for the family. I love Penny Robinson and her character: she is funny and ironic...and she loves OREO!


This series is about the Jason Blossom murder. All the school asks itself who is the killer...

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I love this series...and I love Jughead!


This is about a series of murders of children. It is set in the XIX century, and the characters, with their past, are very interesting.

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i like this series for the strong scenes. During the season, you will have different clues to find the murder.


this serie is about the Medici Family, in Florence. The power and love is at the base of this series.

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I like this series because the cast is international, and it is an italian tv country.


I started this serie in is vey nice. Sabrina is a witch but she loves a mortal boy. What will she do? Will she go with Satana?...

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You have to see this tv show during Halloween...i like it because when I was a child i loved the cartoon of the witch Sabrina and I must see the series.

Thank you for reading...I hope I have given you some ideas to spend an afternoon in tranquility!!:)

Written by Milena (millx.pi)
P.S. Sorry for my English :)