hello everyone happy november! i hope you are all doing well.♡

today i thought i would share some things that (often without us knowing) add a lot of unhappiness to our lives.

*・゚✧ stop overcomplicating your life.

complexity creates confusion and hides solutions in a haze of fog. it is very hard to be creative and innovative when you are bogged down with complexity and detail. “life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated” -sonfucius

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*・゚✧ stop adding BAD stress to your life.

being too busy, working too hard on things you really don’t like doing, striving for perfection, taking on more responsibilities because you think it makes you feel valued and ending up having too many things to do takes away time for you to JUST BE YOU. so cut out all of what brings you any stress and do more of what you love.

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*・゚✧ stop regretting your actions from your past, what you haven’t achieved and what you have lost.

the past is over and what is more important is where you are now and where you want to be in the future. all your past experiences, mistakes and failures in your life have prepared you for living your life in the present and in the future. acknowledge your past and what you have learnt, then let the past go and move forward to the future

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*・゚✧ stop saying you have NO TIME.

our time is so precious and you will never know when you run out of time. with no time, you can miss the most precious and beautiful moments in your life. with no time, you will put off all the important things you know you should do however choose not to do because you say you have no time.“Time is a created thing. To say ‘I don’t have time’ is like saying, ‘I don’t want to.”

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*・゚✧ stop choosing to be fearful about the future, about making mistakes, about following your dream, about change.

fear is paralyzing and it will stop you from making any changes in your life. Your limiting self-beliefs will control your thoughts and actions and will fuel your fear. you must deal with these limiting beliefs and know why it is that you are so FEARFUL. acknowledge your fear and act anyway and I guarantee you will feel liberated and free!

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*・゚✧ stop looking to others for your happiness because your happiness can only come from within you.

when you look to others to make you happy, it is a sign that you are not being true to yourself. the message is pretty clear “only you can make yourself happy” and its important to figure what it is that you need to do to be fulfilled and happy.

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*・゚✧ stop spending time with the wrong people.

to stop spending time with the wrong people you may need to be quite strategic in how you manage the interaction with them. the goal here is to minimize the impact they have on your life. the relationship you have with these people is toxic and will only bring unhappiness to your life.

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*・゚✧ stop beating yourself up.

“don’t beat yourself up for not knowing the answers. you don’t always have to know who you are. you don’t have to have the big picture or know where you’re heading. sometimes, it’s enough just to know what you’re going to do next.” –sophie kinsella.

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love always,

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