Hi guys! i realized i haven't done an astrology article in while, so here we are! the title is pretty much self explanatory, so i wont be ranting on for much longer. Enjoy!

• Aries: Their passion, their fire, their drive. No one else contains such a uniquely burning desire to squeeze all that they can from this thing called life. They are so honest and adventurous, and such firm believers of no dream being too big.

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• Taurus: If generosity had a face, it would be that of this dependable being. Their naturally polite heart is something to be cherished and admired, as is their independent and strong-natured soul. Their attentiveness, their need to flourish, their strong sense of giving.

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• Gemini: The way in which they are constantly enamored by so many things, adorably enthused by the universe. They care for their loved ones in a way that is incomparable, and are always looking to share something vibrant and different with the world.

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• Cancer: There is nobody who feels emotions in such a deeply poignant way. The fragility of their heart deserves to be admired and embraced, as there’s certainly no one who experiences life’s teachings in a more profound and moving manner. Their faith, their protectiveness, and their spontaneity.

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• Virgo: Their attention to detail, their knack for solving mysteries, and their practical heart. These are souls which are so wonderful to seek help from, as they are reliable + always striving to help analyze situations from the very best of angles.

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• Pisces: Their passion for relying on their intuition is so special, as they are deeply-feeling and naturally compassionate. These individuals are always striving for living a life full of imagination and kindness, doing so through embracing selflessness and thinking outside the box.

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• Leo: Their energy is contagious, as they wish for nothing more than to shower their loved ones with optimism and affection. They are fiercely loyal and determined to help, always trying their best to view the glass as “half-full.”

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• Aquarius: Truly the humanitarian, they really do want nothing more than to make the world a better place to be. They are friendly, loyal, and endlessly creative, seeing the artistic potential in the things which others may only view as mundane.

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• Scorpio: Their focus on + passion for the things which they hold close to their heart is honest and incomparable. Faithful and ambitious, the depth of these souls is endless. Their hearts are filled with an aura of mystery, empathy, and intuition, things which set them uniquely apart from others.

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• Capricorn: Their ambition and their wise souls are such gifts, and they strive to be both sensible and understanding. They possess an ability to set wonderfully unique goals, but get that the best things usual take time; feeling so grateful when these things eventually arrive. Their patience, their practicality, and their willingness to dream big.

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• Sagittarius: Such a straightforward personality is wonderfully impressive, truly setting their driven spirits apart from the others. Their sense of right and wrong is so embraceable, as is their knack for being s lovely mix of both generous and honest.

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• Libra: Their tactful nature, their charming sincerity, and their diplomacy are things that are so worth admiring. Never has there been a soul who tries their very best to see things from various sides, and whom aims so hard towards embracing patience.

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