Heyloooo my lovely WeHearters
Welcome to my first article
I don´t really know how to start sooo yeah
Let me intruduce you to
"Almost A.M"

At first we got "Nya" (24 y.o)
she´s the Leader,Rapper and composer

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Our Beautiful Leader/Queen
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She´s from Seoul
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She has a resting B**ch face but she actually a really nice person so never jugde a Book by its cover
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She love´s to sleep and is really passionate about music and she likes being Goofy with the other members :)
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Her Style is a bit edgy
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Some Quotes she would use

Sooo guys this was the first part if want to know who the other members are just let me know :*
and I´m sorry if my english is a bit bad bc it´s not my first language