We were born for a reason.
We were born to experience the world, to make memories, to expand our knowledge, to make people happy, to influence the world in a positive way, to be the best possible version of ourselves.

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But how exactly?
How to achieve your goals and be happy?
How to live the life you've always wanted to live?

Start now

Simply start. Go grab a pencil & a notebook and write down how you visualize your perfect life. Make a few categories, such as

• career
• health
• friendships
• relationships
• self-development

and write down how you want to improve in each category.
What would a perfect career look like? How would you take care of your health? What would be your relationship status?
Make as many categories as you want, and make things detailed. Don't save up on paper now, fill a whole notebook if necessary!! Whenever you lose track on your way, take a look at this notebook and you'll see exactly what you're working towards and you'll get back on track in no time!

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Vision board

This is similar to the previous step, just more simple and visual.
Take a big cork board, and hang it somewhere where you see it every day. You can add anything you want on it that represents your vision of a perfect life. Add pictures, quotes, things, whatever represents your ideal life. The best thing is that you can always add more stuff to it, so the creation process never really stops!!

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Vision boards are a great source of inspiration, and they are a simplified version of the notebook we talked about in the previous step.
They are great for moments when you slightly lose motivation, you can just look at them and see what you're working towards and how amazing your life will be if you keep moving forward.
The notebook is for a bit more 'serious' situations, when you start wondering what you're even doing, and what you should be doing instead. It's more of a plan, a guide to your ideal life.


If you don't know where to start from, make a plan. Or two. Or eight.

Start off by making a yearly plan.
Visualize where you want to be in one year. How you want to improve your career, relationships, or health in that amount of time.
For example, as a freshman in highschool, I want to slowly start learning about interior design, I want to get a boyfriend, and to lose weight and get fitter. Those are some examples of my goals for the next year.
Once you've established actual goals for an actual amount of time, it all seems possible and much more real.

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Now it's time for monthly goals.
Just divide the yearly goals into smaller goals that could be achieved in a month. For example, I could lose one 1kg in a month as a contribution to my fitness goal.
While you are working towards your yearly goal, don't look any further than the current monthly goal. Completely focus on the present and try your best to achieve that goal.

We also have weekly and daily goals.
Those are some small tasks that help you in achieving the monthly goal. They might seem small and not important, but day by day, week by week, month by month, those will add up to big results.
The more you simplify and divide the big goals, it will be easier to achieve them!!

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Don't just exist. Live

This is some of the best advice I've ever read. Do you ever wonder how many hours you spent doing something dumb or pointless?

Are you actually alive, or are you just breathing?

We all have a limited amount of time on this Earth, so use that time wisely, to improve and develop yourself. To be happy. Take your chances and use your opportunities. Use every single second you possibly can to do something good and useful. Make new memories, get new experiences, give actual meaning to your life.

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Personally, I'm trying to do something each day to make it memorable. Every day I try to do, say or try something new and different. I suggest you try the same and actually start enjoying the life you have.


These are one of the main things stopping us from doing the things we want and living the life we want. Now, I can't give you a complete guide on this topic. Nobody can. It's about you. I can give you some tips, but it's more about simply practising dealing with insecurities. There is a great project on this topic called Golden Insecurities. You can find articles and pictures about it in this hashtag:


and this is the article that got everything started:

Your flaws are a part of you, but they do not define you. You are more than just your flaws. By learning to deal with them and accept them, you develop as a person and improve yourself, believe it or not.

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And let me tell you, very few people actually notice or care about your flaws, unless they are affecting them in a negative way. Nobody cares if you've got a pimple on your nose, but everyone cares if you're arrogant and rude to them. You should try to fix those flaws, because they are more important than your physical looks.

Still, you should accept yourself the way you are, with all your flaws, quirks and imperfections and still continue improving and developing.
That is the entire point of life, actually, to develop as a person.

I'm not a full on expert on this topic, I've never given advice like this, so I highly suggest checking out #GoldenInsecurities , a project started by amazing @dystopiaglory

Accept your mistakes

It happens. Failure comes creeping on you every once in a while. It is all a part of life and this beautiful journey.
They are not the end of the world. Even the greatest mistakes can be fixed, and let me tell you, failing a test does not fall in that category. You should definitely try to avoid it tho lol. It's all about accepting your mistakes, fixing them (or atleast trying to do that) and moving on.

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It's very important to change your view on mistakes. They are not a punishment, or a thing that is going to ruin your life, or a reason to give up. They are meant for you to learn from them, so you don't repeat them. They are the most efficient way of learning life lessons, so you should be grateful for them in a way, and move on.
No matter how hard you try, they are unavoidable. Sometimes you simply lower your guard and they slip in. Even if you do everything you can to prevent them, they can still occur. Sometimes that's not even your fault, so don't act like it is.
Rise above your mistakes and keep improving ♡

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Positivity & Happiness

The best possible way to end this article is with positivity. Obviously you can't be happy without it, and happiness is the ultimate life goal, for me atleast. It's important to surround yourself with positivity, but not in an unhealthy way when you refuse to accept reality.

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It all starts from the environment you're in. Stop friendships and relationships with people who don't make you happy and make you feel worthless instead. Social media plays a big role in this, so make sure you unfollow negative and irrelevant people. Know who you are and what you deserve. Try to find atleast a little bit of good in each day. Soon I will dedicate a whole article on this, but it will take some time lol.

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Aaand this article has come to an end!! I hope you found it useful and remember you can transform your life anytime you want, it all starts from you and your mindset.

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