1) a song by an artist I've seen live
-- Groove by Jack and Jack
2) a song from a musical
-- For Good from the musical Wicked
3) a song form a movie soundtrack
-- Million Dreams from The Greatest Showman
4) a song I know by heart
--Crazy Wrap (colt 45) by Afroman
5) a song I heard for the first time this year
-- Idontwannabeyouanymore by Billie Elish
6) a song by a band
-- Message Man by Twenty One Pilots
7) a song by a female artist
-- A Little Work by Fergie
8) a song in a different language
-- A Letter To My Young Self by Amber Lucid (partially in another language)
9) a song with no words
-- Hallelujah by Brooklyn Duo
10) a song for a road trip
-- Die Young by Ke$ha
11) a song that puts me in a good mood for the day
-- Anxiety by Blackbear
12) a song that helps my self esteem
-- Low by Flo Rida
13) a song that describes my life
-- I'm A Mess by Bebe Rexha
14) a song my dad played when I was little
-- Chug-a-lug by Roger Miller
15) a guilty pleasure song
-- Love Is Blind by Fergie (watch the video to understand)
16) a song that makes me want to live in the 80's
--Girl's Just Wanna Have Fun by Cyndi Lauper
17) a song by a boy band
-- Next Contestant by Nickleback
18) a song that reminds me of some really good times in my life
-- Good Ole Days by Mackelmore and Ke$ha
19) a song that reminds me of my birthday
-- Same Love by Mackelmore
20) a song that reminds me of someone who hurt me
-- Head Over Boots by John Pardi
21) a song I would sing to my loved one
-- Praying by Ke$ha
22) a song that makes me want to party
-- Ignition by R. Kelly
23) a song that starts with an "R"
--R U Mine? by Arctic Monkeys
24) a song to play during sex
-- Ride by SoMo
25) a song that I like by an artist I don't like
-- When I Look At You by Miley Cyrus
26) a song that reminds me of my best friend
-- If I Die Young by The Band Perry
27) a song that I would get the lyrics tattooed on me
-- Let It be by The Beatles
28) a song I stopped listening too
-- Mr. Brightside by Killers
29) top 3 songs at the moment
-- Fame is For Assholes by Hoodie Allen
-- Hallelujah by Panic! at the Disco
-- Roaring 20's by Panic! at the Disco
30) top 3 artist at the moment
-- John Lennon
-- Fergie
-- Ke$ha
31) a song by a girl band
-- Waterfalls by TLC
32) a song that makes me realize I should have been born in a
different generation
-- Imagine by John Lennon
33) a song that makes my heart light up
-- Hell Of an Amen by Brantley Gilbert
34) a song that reminds me of my favorite place
-- From Now On by The Greatest Showman Cast
35) a disney song
-- Shiny from Moana
36) a song that reminds me of my hometown
-- Kick It In Sticks by Brantley Gilbert
37) a song I would want played at my funeral
-- Rack City by Tyga
38) an acoustic song
-- All Of Me by John Legend
39) a song that gives me chills
-- There Goes My Life by Kenny Chesney
40) a song I have loved for a long time
-- Redneck Woman by Gretchen Wilson
41) a song with a one word title
-- Promiscuous by Nelly
42) a song that took a long time to find
-- Heros by David Bowie
43) a rainy day song
--Face Down by Red Jumpsuit Apparatus
44) a song that makes me feel like a bad ass
-- I Like It by Cardi B
45) a song that reminds me of someone I lost
-- Katie's Heart by Nathan Wade
46) a song to work out too
-- Single Ladies by Beyonce
47) a song that reminds me of my emo phase
-- Fashionably Late by Falling in Reverse
48) a depressing song
-- All I Want by Kodaline
49) a song with a long title
-- The Good, The Bad, and The Dirty by Panic! at the Disco
50) a song from the 2000's
-- Keep Bleeding by Leona Lewis