some people are already starting to celebrate christmas and i'm likeeeee um it's still fall, hun. fall is too amazing to end early, so here are a few nice drink recipes to try for autumn.


hot chocolate

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this recipe is so good! it's so smooth and creamy, best hot chocolate i've ever made.

โ‹† almond milk - about 1/2 a cup
โ‹† heavy whipping cream - around 1/4 cup
โ‹† hot cocoa mix - 1 packet or 2 spoons full
โ‹† cinnamon - a dash
โ‹† marshmallows or whipped cream

heat almond milk and heavy whipping cream in a saucepan on medium heat until it starts to simmer. add hot cocoa mix and stir until it's smooth. pour it into a mug and add a dash of cinnamon for flavor. top with marshmallows or whipped cream and now you have your hot cocoa.


pumpkin spice latte

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this has a great autumn flavor. definitely feels like fall when you drink it.

โ‹† coffee - a cup
โ‹† pumpkin puree - a couple of spoons
โ‹† coconut milk - half a cup
โ‹† cinnamon - about half a teaspoon
โ‹† nutmeg - a dash
โ‹† ground cloves - a pinch
โ‹† ginger - a tiny bit
โ‹† sugar - however much you want

start with a bowl or liquid measuring cup and pour the milk in. add the pumpkin puree and stir well until blended. next, add all the spices in and mix again. next, make a standard cup of coffee in a mug and pour the pumpkin mix into the coffee. then, top with whipped cream and a bit of extra cinnamon.


apple cider

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a little spin on traditional cider, full of flavor and spice.

โ‹† apple juice - 1/2 cup
โ‹† orange juice - 1/4 cup
โ‹† cranberry juice - 1/4 cup
โ‹† cinnamon - 1/2 teaspoon
โ‹† nutmeg - a dash
โ‹† ginger - a dash
โ‹† cloves - a couples cloves
โ‹† cinnamon stick - 1 stick

warm up the juices in a saucepan on an oven. add all the spices until they're well blended. once the cider starts to simmer, pour it into a mug or jar. simply, add a cinnamon stick and enjoy :)


alright, hope you enjoyed. thx for reading. โ™ฅ
- cece