Hello bears! I saw another member do this challenge and I thought I should too. It looked fun so please enjoy!


books or movies?
book, art, and aesthetic image book, butterfly, and grunge image
train or plane?
Temporarily removed travel, sky, and airplane image
I've never been on a train before so I prefer planes even tho I'm afraid of flying. It just freaks me out.
sneakers or heels?
sneakers and vans image shoes, Fila, and black image
winter or summer?
snow, winter, and snowflake image forest, road, and snow image
autumn or spring?
autumn, dog, and Halloween image Temporarily removed
sunrise or sunset?
sky, sunset, and car image Temporarily removed
sea or forest?
Temporarily removed forest and green image
hot dog or pizza?
Image by D E N I S S E L ๐Ÿ‘‘ food, pizza, and red image
jeans or dress?
fashion, grunge, and jeans image aesthetic, fashion, and outfit image
hugs or kisses?
Temporarily removed friends, hug, and bff image
hugs because I think they show more affection
black and white or color?
book and quotes image Temporarily removed
black and white
drawing or painting?
yellow, art, and aesthetic image Temporarily removed
vanilla or chocolate?
aesthetic, asia, and dessert image code, milkshake, and coconut image
I'm allergic to chocolate so vanilla
comedy or action film?
comedy, movies, and films image mean girls, movie, and tumblr image
comedy, I think action films are really boring
asking or answering questions?
question, grunge, and quotes image quotes, grunge, and question image
I'm not much of a talker so neither

thank you for reading!