Like in Charles Baudelaire's Chant d'automne , she was feeling the cold entering inside. Not only inside the house, but in her heart. Soon enough, driving the road to the nearest city would become difficult. Sometimes, the snow even collapsed it for a few hours.

She had cut her hair short in the summer. The sun had goldened her locks but now they would become darker, almost black.
She cried help from all her pores: she had changed the place where she lived, she had left all behind. Because she couldn't bear more pain.
Her grandmother had died a year ago and had been her best support. Her parents had a monotonous life in a preppy neighbourhood 5 minutes away from the city.
All her old "friends" from school (quoting on purpose: ironically) had become like plastic dolls, only searching for contacts out of interest. And as soon as she had had money, she had left all these. There, no one understood her. No one understood that she liked being alone or that she didn't like all the social obligations, the lack of authenticity.

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Her name was Ariadne. The first time she had seen the small wooden house, after a 3 minute walk in an unpaved road, everything surrounded by pine trees, she'd whispered: this is great.

But here she was, feeling cold.

Her relationship with her parents, curiously, had become more "normal". She met with her mom sometimes to go to the theater or things like that, and really talked about important life things. She met her dad more often, as he had started to do trekking after being diagnosed with arrythmia.

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Still, the cold. One day, close to the december solstice - the longest night of the year - she went out to do some groceries to town. She did it quickly so she could go to the dog shelter after. She had decided to adopt one.
There were lots of different puppies and all grown-up dogs, crying and waiting for someone to adopt them and love them like they truly deserved. Ariadne felt all warm inside with all the dogs approaching her and licking her hands - those are dog kisses. The decision took her a good time, and as she left the shelter - she promised to start volunteering so she could help - wipped and smiled at the same time.

- Aethra - said, deciding the pet's name instantly. In Greek mythology, Aethra was Theseu's mother, who was the mythical king and founder-hero of Athens. And also, Theseus became Ariadne's love interest. Anyway, she thought it was appropiate; it also meant splendor and brightness, and Aethra represented that. The white, fluffy and mixed dog barked back.
While she entered the house, she didn't feel cold; instead, she felt another sensation. As if she was being followed. Nah, Aethra was the only one following and making noise with the leaves, she'd thought.

A week after, she received a letter. There were no words. Just a pic. There she was, with Aethra, leaving town towards her house. In the middle of her kitchen, the Polaroid photo fell to the floor making no sound. Aethra ran towards it and smelled.

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Ariadne started to become more aware of her surroundings, even paranoid. She was so glad she had Aethra, not only for the company, but because of the security. Her tiny secret place became almost a prison for a couple of weeks. She was scared. She felt like an idiot. Why, why, why did I come here? In the city, the creeps are known on Tinder and that's it! You don't get Tinder and that's it! But no, the creeps in the woods take analogic photos! Come on..
Her mother told her to tell the police. Stattering, she did. They told her they would be aware.

The day before the solstice, someone knocked on her door. No one ever did; her dad called her from his office before turning up with his Mercedes, her mom didn't like bugs and mountain thingys, as she used to say. Not to mention her supposed friends… they wouldn't walk anywhere unless there was an Uber who would take them just in front of their destination. They couldn't stain their Loubotins, Uggs, or whatever.

And there he was, Gorka. The piece left. He had been on Erasmus six months before. And left. He had found a job in his country - besides having all of his family there, of course, and Ariadne being aware of the difficulties of it all. She'd convinced herself that it had been fun, but, probably, that's all it had been, mainly, for him. After all, Erasmus program was known by everybody as Orgasmus - whether universitary organizers like it or not.

Ariadne didn't think he meant all that romantic stuff. Like, you are like me, and yea, I would like to live in the middle of nowhere with you.

Gorka looked tired, but handsome, with his tangled locks, probably due to a long journey. How had he found her? Anyway... he had found the place.

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