Hello everyone! I think I will write an article related to the small sensations that I like to feel during this season of the year!

1. Wait for Christmas
Have you not already asked how many days are missing at Christmas? Are you not already thinking or waiting anxiously for that moment? We have to resist for 46 days!

light, tree, and winter image light and christmas image

2. Drink a hot drink
Feeling that warmth ... Maybe a tea or a coffee that warms you up, especially after a day in the rain!

Temporarily removed Image by Itzy

3. ... maybe with a trick!
Chocolates and biscuits are ideal but roasted chestnuts even more!

Image by tenderlygirl Cookies, food, and chocolate image

4. Watch the sunsets
I personally think that autumn sunset are really spectacular! It is as the world is tinged with red, gold, orange, yellow, pink ... Warm colors and full of serenity!

autumn, sunset, and fall image autumn, fall, and forest image

5. Relax with a book
Especially during "those famous rainy afternoons", I like reading the old but timeless nineteenth-century novels by Jane Austen and the Brönte sisters!

book, photography, and pumpkin image book, wuthering heights, and emily bronte image

And you? Do you share any of these feelings or pastimes during these time? I believe they are beautiful and unique sensations!

Thank for reading!