Hello! Whatโ€™s up?

Itโ€™s been a hard couple of months for me, and I had neither the time nor the mood to write a new article.
However, things seem to be going a lot better now, just like a fairy touched me with her lucky magic wand. I feel very good now and Iโ€™d like to share with you the things that make me happy, so that I really leave behind all the bad thoughts and memories.

  • Now that itโ€™s getting cold outside I really enjoy watching a good film or TV show with a snack or a hot cup of coffee. And whatโ€™s more, itโ€™s perfect when I share my snacks and my couch with my boyfriend!
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Here's my "Fall" Collection with a lot of cozy and beautiful autumn images.
  • I am even happier, when, at the weekend, I wake up next to him and we can cuddle as much as we want.
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  • You know what else makes me happy? Christmas! Ok, I know, everyone loves Christmas, but thereโ€™s no doubt itโ€™s my favorite time of the year, and it should be on this list. I love the lights, the presents, the decoration, the โ€œgoing home for Christmasโ€ mood, the special food, the family gatherings, the cold weather and the snow, the Greek traditions, the songs, and a lot more (I could be writing pages about that).
christmas, xmas, and christmas tree image light, christmas, and winter image christmas, light, and winter image christmas, love, and couple image
You can see here my "Winter & Christmas" Collection.
  • I also love drawing while listening to the radio, usually rock music. It helps me relax and take out my creativity and imagination.
"Drawing is not what one sees but what one can make others see." -Edgar Degas
  • What makes me happy on weekends, is going out in the evening for dinner and wine, or in the morning for coffee, with friends that I havenโ€™t seen all week and talk about anything. Good friends always have good conversations.
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These were some of the things that make me feel nice. I will tell more in another article.
Have a nice weekend.