Hello everyone once again! In the previous article I wrote about the beggining of Georgian literature and now, let's dive a bit further.
How can i best describe Georgian literature? It has every genre but what i love the most about Georgian writers is that they touch your deepest emotions, and through the tears of sadness, still manage to make you laugh.
You can't talk about Georgian writers without mentioning the historical context, because the times that they all had to live in, make their works even more valuable.

I will mention some Georgian(qartveli) writers who shaped Saqartvelo's literature as we know it today.

Shota Rustaveli

First in our list is a XII century poet Shota Rustaveli. He must have written many poems but the only one we know of is an epic poem called The knight in the panther's skin(Vepkhistkaosani in georgian. It is not an accurate translation because there is no word for it??idk)
Shota Rustaveli lived during king Tamar's reign and it is believed that he wrote this poem for her. In the begining he even mentions her as an inspiration of his work.(Shortly, he was in love with Tamar and he declared his love by writing one of the best pieces of literature in the world :D)

poet, Georgia, and poems image
This is our handsome Shota

Although the poem takes place in the fictional settings of "India" and "Arabia", events in these distant lands are but a colorful allegory of the rule of Queen Tamar of Georgia, and the size and glory of the Kingdom of Georgia in its Golden Age. It tells the friendship of two heroes, Avtandil and Tariel, and their quest to find the love of Tarieli, Nestan-Darejan, an allegorical embodiment of Queen Tamar. These idealized heroes and devoted friends are united by courtly love, generosity, sincerity, dedication, and proclaim equality between men and women, which is a recurring theme. The poem is regarded as the "coronation of thought, poetic and philosophical art of medieval Georgia",a complex work with rich and transcending genres.
You can tell by this poem just how Shota Rustaveli was ahead of his time, believing in equality, questioning(but still respecting) the idea of God being above all. Remind you, this is time in history when the idea of God was highest of them all and all human emotions, desires were denounced(like wanting physical contact and such.) In the poem, with the help of the characters he talks about human relationships, love, friendship, morals, religion and philosophy of human nature.

Image by Bored being
This is Tariel, fighting both tiger and lion, which represent him and his love Nestan-Darenaji

The poem is truly phenomenal (speaking from my own experience). It is 500 or so pages but every page is worth reading because on every page you learn something new about life, about yourself and about this magical human who was able to write a poem that transcends time and space.

The cover is a graffitti by a famous georgian artist Gagoosh. A small girl is repeatedly writing quotes from the poem: - “The lion’s whelps are equal be they male or female”. This quote is a reference to Tamar becoming a king with his fathers wishes, despite people in the palace being against it because they thought a woman couldn't rule a country. (See previous article for more information😉)

The poem has been translated into russian, french, german, english(soo guys i highly advise you to read it, you will be a different person after it.),japanese, chinese and many more lanuages.
I will stop writing now and continue educating you guys about Saqartvelo's literature and writers in the next article. Trust me, after reading all the articles, you won't regret knowing the stories of men who were forgotten by the world, but not by their people.

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