hello hearters <3 wish that u had a nice day , so i was inspired by @artemis 30 days writing challenge and i said why not? it's a chance to know me well and before i'll start i'll tell u a quick little things about me : i'm HANA from algeria i'm 19 yo i study nature and life sciences in college . this is me so let's start !

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DAY 01 | ❝ Explain the meaning of your name.❞

My name is H A N A هناء which has maybe one meaning in arabic butt ! let me tell you more abt it .

Hana as a given name may have any of several origins . It can be avariant transliteration of hannah , which is the jewish and frensh and christian form , meaning "grace" in hebrew associated with God . It's also a kurdish name meaning hope ( هانا ) , a persian name meaning flower ( حَنا ) , and an arabic name meaning happiness ( هناء ) . As a japanese name , it is usually translated as flower ( 花 ) . In korean it means the number one ( 하나 ) . In albanian "hana" means "moon" . in hawaiian means "craft" or "work" . In maori , hana means to shine glow , give out heat , radiate .

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Hana Ham
Hana Ham