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Ever stood in front of your closet and said to yourself: "Well, I have nothing to wear." You're not alone! I've been there over a thousand times. I never really know how to combine my clothes and I Always feel like my closet is a total mess. But now I'm growing up I not only start to know myself better, I'm also creating and evolving my own unique style. I love to wear these classy and still casual outfits that Almost look like the style of a French Girl. I really adore the French girl look and since this trend has taken over the world, I thought it would be fun to teach you guys how to rock the French girl look.

"The French Girl look is chic, subtly sexy, natural, relaxed and yet casually elegant. The French girl look is about being comfortable and confident about who you are as a woman, yet realizing that a certain amount of effort is necessary to look tres jolie, very pretty. Besides looking and feeling so, so chic, the French Girl look is hot, hot, hot."
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When looking at the face of a French girl, they have minimal makeup on. They don't go crazy with their makeup. They do wear a soft smokey eye now and then and they love to wear red lipstick to add something to their look. Glowy skin is the key to a French girl look!

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To get the look you also need the basics. A French girl loves neutural colored clothing so she can combine her clothes easily. All of her clothing pieces are neat, sofisticated and just scream the word 'chic'. Here are some basic Essentials:

  • A formal blouse for any occasion.
  • A formal jacket that's slightly oversized.
  • Everyday flats (with a bit of a heel)
  • Oversized sunglasses
  • An everyday handbag
  • Little black dress
  • Trench coat that suits you well.
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A French girl's hair is Always dyed in a natural color (or their own hair color) and they don't put that much effort in their hair. Bangs are something that suits the look perfectly (I have bangs). Here's some inspiration:

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French girls have a strict beauty routine in the morning and evening. They know their beauty Essentials and they use them in the best order for their skin. Here are some Essentials You'll need in your routine:

  • facial cleanser
  • tee tree oil
  • moisturizer
  • sheet masks
  • facial and body scrubs
  • facial mist
  • body lotion
  • parfum
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A must are accessoires. You can change your outfit completely by choosing the perfect accessoires. You can for example try to wear a baker boy hat or a beret. I love a good watch on your wrist.

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French girls Always have confidence in everything they do. They're ambitious and don't really care what others think but themselves. They find motivation in every day and believe in themselves. You can do this too. We all know that everyone is beautiful no matter what and your looks don't need to look like others. Be you and find your own style. That's when you going to feel even better than you feel now.

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november 9, 2018