Hello there!

A few days ago I started reading a book which deals with the reduce of waste.
I think everyone can contribute a small part to reduce all the rubbish we throw away every day :)

1 Reusable coffee cups

If you're also addicted to coffee like me you should definitely get yourself a reusable coffee cup

My university already offers such reusable cups at the cafeteria

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when I'm using this cup I get get a reduced price for my coffee (it costs about 20p less)

Some coffee companies (e.g. Starbucks) are also offering such reusable coffee cups + a reduced price when using it

2 Order a coffee to have in

You also can avoid waste when ordering a ‚coffee to have in‘

Take time for a little break - coffee tastes much better if you're not in a hurry! :)

coffee, enjoy, and love it image body, fit, and glitter image
time for a little break

3 Fabric bag

take your own fabric bag always with you when you go shopping

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two advantages: no plastic waste + looks much cooler ;)

4 No receipt

if you don't need your receipt (e.g. grocery shopping) say at the cash desk that you won't need it

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...then the receipt don't has to be printed (less paper is used)

5 No advertising 📩

Tell the postman that you don't want to get ads in your letterbox

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try to avoid getting ads

I hope these simple but helpful hints might give you an idea of how to reduce waste.

Have a good (and maybe a waste-free) day!

Cheers, xx