Hi everyone! It's been forever since I wrote my last article and I've missed it, but I didn't knew what to write! I was completely blank. So I decided to just grab my laptop and start working and I decided that I could turn that to an article and help others facing the same issue. So let's just get right into it.

Getting started.

The hardest part is finding it in you to write, but forcing yourself to do so isn't going to help you, you will probably just get bored of it. So try to do it when you're in the mood.
Finally, you took a day off to write, but you don't know how to start. Heres what you should do:

  • Find a confortable and calm place - This could be anywhere. You can do it in a garden, a coffee shop or your house, wherever you want as long as you feel you can focus.
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  • Keep your workspace tidy - Being organized is so important to keep your imagination flowing.
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  • No distractions - Don't run to your phone as soon as you think you can't do it. When you notice, it's already midnight and you didn't do anything. So instead, get up, drink something, look out the window and just try to make something off your view.
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Keeping motivated.

Now that you have all of those things organized, you need to make this a habit.

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Habits can also change. If you don't feel like it, you don't have to keep writing your story, you can write about your day and keep a diary for small texts to keep you motivated.

If you are writing a book.

To write a book, consistency is important so you don't loose track of your story and theme, so try to set a goal of words or paragraphs for each day, creating also a habit.

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Make sure you're writing about something that you're passionate about, or else you will probably just get bored of it and quit.


Just make writing a habit of yours, even for the smaller things. One day you can turn them into bigger things!

Writing is also a way to bring more knowledge into your life, since sometimes you have to research in order to make your storys more credible.

I hope this was helpful and I will see you in my next article!

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