Well hello, lovely people. What's Poppin? Today I thought it would be fun (well I thought it would be fun xD)to share things I carry around with me.


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I would advise you to organize your keys in a way that it is easy to easy and find. Always make sure that your keys are the first things you place in your bag.


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You don't need a brand name wallet. Once you have a wallet to store your money and cards we good to go baby girl


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Okay this should be higher up on the list but it's down here so we'll leave it here :). Give it a few years and it will be all we need in our bag.No need in explaining what these are for you already know how and when to use them.

Survival kit

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So you get what am trying to say ( wait you do get what am trying to say right?) if not you should add least have some of these things u don't need everything in the pics but u can pick other the most important things to suit you.

Water bottle

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Because sometimes we get dehydrated and there isn't any source of water nearby.


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Some of us love reading so when we are out and waiting for someone or a car we can read to kill time.

Yes by now your saying "okay am not going on a field trip am just going to get food xD" well this article may be helpful to someone (i hope :)
Don't over pack your purse ladies we don't wanna look like Barbie pulling a whole house out of our bags (altho she kinda saves the day with her purse)