• aries

- march 21 to april 19

water, blue, and aesthetic image Image removed blue, aesthetic, and heart image blue, eyes, and aesthetic image
  • taurus.

- april 20 to may 21

hair, braid, and hairstyle image Image removed autumn, fall, and pinecone image eyes, eye, and makeup image
  • gemini.

- may 21 to june 21

yellow, lemon, and aesthetic image aesthetic, glasses, and heart image drink, lemonade, and yellow image yellow, candy, and lollipop image
  • cancer.

- june 21 to july 22

pink, drink, and ice image header, pink, and flowers image pink, heart, and hearts image pink, car, and vintage image
  • leo.

- july 23 to august 22

Temporarily removed accessories, black and white, and chokers image Inspiring Image on We Heart It gold, vintage, and aesthetic image
  • virgo.

- august 23 to september 22

aesthetic, eyes, and eye image fashion, orange, and style image Temporarily removed flowers, orange, and aesthetic image
  • libra.

- september 23 to october 23

purple, lightning, and grunge image Temporarily removed Temporarily removed purple, stars, and glitter image
  • scorpio.

- october 23 to november 22

girl, heart, and lips image adidas, aesthetic, and alternative image food, red, and yummy image Abusive image
  • sagittarius.

- november 22 to december 21

glitter, hand, and silver image aesthetic, awesome, and background image fashion, dress, and glitter image Temporarily removed
  • capricorn.

- december 21 to january 20

Image removed quotes, hero, and woman image fashion, girl, and black image black, balloons, and white image
  • aquarius.

- january 20 to february 18

Temporarily removed green, aesthetic, and tumblr image green, eyes, and eye image Temporarily removed
  • pisces

- february 18 to march 20

white, pumpkin, and autumn image Temporarily removed rose, flowers, and light image Image removed

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